Dott.ssa Veronica Pacella
Life Coaching and Spiritual Growth

Why I’ve fallen in love with Life Coaching

It’s been love at first sight. Something that is growing more and more inside yourself without realizing it. And when, finally, you become aware, it’s too late: you’re already smitten.

I’ve experienced this with Life Coaching.

My passions have always met with my job: nutrition, holistic medicine and personal + spiritual growth.
In the Holistic medicine the individual is considered as a whole, in all their uniqueness. It happens the same with Life Coaching: everyone has their own path, listening to the inner voice. And so, I’ve created a link between these two things, because wellness and well being start from the inside out. And also, because I’ve always thought that each one can make a difference in this world.
Life coaching allowed me to create a bridge to connect holistic nutrition, health and spiritual growth; to help people to take charge of their lives; to look at what their body is telling them; to be the active part in the solution of a problem rather than be passive; to looking for help and advice not only from the outside but start to listen and trust themselves listening from the inside out.
The Life Coaching includes some techniques to motivate people to achieve goals. A Life coach look after the clients along their path, from where they are to where they want to be. A Life coach is supportive, encouraging and compassionate every time there’s a feeling of insecurity or fear, every time someone feels stuck. A Life coach push for actions to achieve a goal, leaving no room for fear or other limiting beliefs.

And so, Life coaching’s approach reverses the situation: no more “what can i do for..” followed by a series of advices, but “How do I want to feel? How do I want to feel achieving that goal?” followed by support and small advices to take action.

With Life Coaching, as well as Spiritual Growth, the answer is within us, always!

By delegating to others the solution of our problems, we are acting from a place of passivity / not action; this give us results more slowly and we may achieve something that is not even resonating with us.
Not only: coaching is a connection between wellness and well being with mindset. Between health and the way to live our life. Living a life on purpose, full of things we love, doing thing with passion and joy, make us feel happy and grateful, and we feel great and in top shape. On the opposite, living with the feeling of not doing what we love, without any passion and experiencing we are missing something in our lives, make us feel lost, weak and powerless.
Studying coaching overseas, led me to soul search with a different language and many different cultures, with fellow coaches from Canada, USA, Australia and Europe, with different mindset and life style, but, at the same time, with similar fears or blocks. We all have experienced pain in our lives, we all have experienced not to be enough.

What does it change? The way to deal with!

And this is not limited only to nutrition or well being but also in all areas of our lives where we feel there’s something wrong, something we would like to improve, something to achieve, to be finally happy and to live the life we dream. Because, at the end of the time, all the areas of our lives play a role in our heath and wealth and our body already knows it.
To know more about coaching, visit my page about Life Coaching and Spiritual Growth.

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