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About me

Hello, I’m Veronica, a passionate nutritionist, naturopath and life coach.

My mission is to gently guide you in your path of self-care and spiritual growth. I help you to get comfortable in your own skin and to create a fulfilling life with authenticity, purpose and meaning.

There is one major thing I understood in my work: you are unique, as well as I am. Each one is unique.

For this reason I do think that there is not a way you need to fix your wellbeing but there are different ways to find your own well-being, according with your unique body, mind, emotions and soul. My vision is holistic and it includes nutrition, well-being and spirituality. I have a solid scientific background as well as deep knowledge in natural medicine and spirituality.

Nourishing your uniqueness means finding a balance between your physical and spiritual well-being.

I guide you to nourish your cells, to listen to your body, to your feelings and to your intuition, to cultivate your inner dimension, discovering your potential and your life purpose.

What can we do together:

• nourish your uniqueness
• heal issues in a natural way
• discover your well-being in your own terms
• feel good on yourself and your body
• overcome fears and self-sabotage
• listen and expand your intuition
• create a positive perspective of your life
• discover your super-powers
• cultivate your spirituality
• understand your life purpose
• explore and manifest your dreams

I work with people who are looking for a new way to feel good and to manifest a life they love. People who need to create positive changes and to take a new direction in their lives.

People that feel, deep down, something beautiful is waiting around the corner and they do not know how to get there. Those who have finished a path with me perceive new energy, a whole new positivity and trust. Along with a beautiful dose of wonder for their gifts, previously unexplored.

Once you learn to listen and to nurture your uniqueness, everything around you change. Everything you need comes naturally and effortlessly. 

My work represents my personal and professional search, together with my holistic vision of body, mind, emotions and spirit. The most important thing for me is to cultivate my uniqueness every day, my purpose is to remind everyone to do the same!

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