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Conversation with: Madison Hedlund

Madison Hedlund is a coach and speaker who helps women operate in their full potential, find their identity, and live with passion every day. She helps women step out of shame and step up to their very best.

Hi Madison, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Would you like to talk a bit about your story?

Thank you so much for having me. It is always an honor to share my story.
I come from a family where for generations, women were not told they could achieve great things. My home dynamic was quite dysfunctional; divorce, dealing with a family member’s alcoholism, and emotional/verbal unrest were all things I faced as a young child. Mental illness was and is a real issue for the women in my family. Insecurity, shame, feeling unwanted, and unhealthy patterns crept into my life and continued into adulthood. I did not believe I was worthy of good things. My mind was toxic, full of ideals and who other people told me I should be. Although I had a deep connection with God, I found that the religion I was participating in made me feel even more shame for who I was. I was not finding healing there. Through counseling, a spiritual journey, and support from coaches and friends I have truly found my way. I realized at 22 that if I did not choose to change, I would be living an unhealthy life for my family, and could possibly repeat the exact same patterns I wanted to change.

How did you feel during your daily life in your soul-searching? What inspired you to go ahead?

Healing is a hard process. It means facing the darkness in your heart and exposing it. It is a long process that I don’t believe is ever truly finished in this life. I DO however believe that we can become healthy people and walk through healing in a healthy way. Over the past few years I have really dug deep and become a healthy person. As a Christian, I have been able to find peace, comfort in who I am, and a purpose for my life and my gifts. I have let go of the “rules” and religious definitions of faith and embraced uncertainty. It was a scary process for me to go through, but it was definitely worth it. When I realized that perfection isn’t a requirement for living a healthy, thriving life, I wanted to share it with everyone.

How do you feel now? What does the new Madison do now?

Today I am still walking the journey. I no longer despise myself but instead am using my strengths to lead other women to the same healing I have had. I am nowhere near perfect, but know that I have full access to living a healthy, confident life that I love. I live every day knowing who I am, believing I am worthy, and living out of that truth. There is power in self-love and self-acceptance. As I tell my clients, the power to change your life always begins with a choice to own your past, own your present, and own your future. Only you get to choose healing. Only you get to choose to thrive. And the best part: it is available to everyone. As a coach, nothing makes me more happy than when I see my clients realizing who they are and accepting themselves. To me, there is no greater way to a fulfilled life.

Thank you Madison!
You can find Madison at:

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