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Conversation with: Naomi Arnold

Naomi is a successful coach, during her soul-searching journey she realized her own version of a healthy, happy and purposeful life. Now she helps clients to do the same, in order to realize an extraordinary life.

Hi Naomi, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Would you like to talk a bit about your story?

Oh I have had so many breakthroughs in my life where I have changed my point of view or life in big ways. Some of these have included:

  • Overcoming body battles: After participating in a well-known body transformation program, I experienced significant health issues and a short-lived eating disorder. Despite the program’s ‘success’ with many other women, it was not right for my body and mindset at the time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my body started to ‘shut down’ or ‘react’ that I began to listen – and then commenced a journey of learning to listen to my body and it’s needs, and find my own unique path to health and wellness.
  • Breaking free of career confusion: I spent years in paralysis analysis when it came to choosing a career path. I knew that I didn’t love my job and that I wanted to do something to help people, but I didn’t know what profession or direction to take. I had so many passions and interests that I felt I couldn’t just choose one to pursue. When I went on maternity leave with my son, I decided it was time for things to change. I committed to exploring my options, ditching my head and what felt logical, and following through on what ‘felt right’ in my heart. I took one little step at a time, whilst trusting that more clarity would follow. It did. It was amazing what doors opened and closed, and how I began to feel more purposeful than ever before.
  • Turning my 5 year plan into a NOW plan: My Dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in September 2014. I had already been significantly progressing my business and life plans, but when this happened, my husband and I made a conscious decision to turn our 5 year plan into a NOW plan. I quit my Australian Government job, pursued my coaching business full time, sold our brand new ‘dream home’, and moved interstate to be near family. Why wait and do things the ‘safe’ way, when there was a more exciting and liberating option that ‘felt right’? A year later, we look back and are so happy that we made these life-changing decisions that ultimately set us up to have the wonderful life that we have now.
  • Letting go of my need to people please: I always prided myself as being someone who helps others. I would often sacrifice my own needs in order to ensure others were happy. After being mistreated, hurt, and run down one to many times, I finally realised that I needed to value and respect myself more. I started to consciously attempt to balance taking care of others, with prioritising my own needs and desires. I put boundaries in place. I began to say “no” and ask for help. I learnt that it was okay to ‘take’ sometimes, and to not just constantly ‘give’. I lost some dear friends in the process, gained new ones, and felt like I grew as a person in many ways.

How did you feel during your daily life in your soul-searching? What inspired you to go ahead?

My soul-searching journey involved a range of emotions and feelings at different points. I always trusted that things would happen if and when they were meant too – but that didn’t stop me from feeling frustrated in the early days before having those breakthrough moments. The main thing that inspired me to continue soul-searching was this feeling deep within in me, that something brilliant was around the corner. I could feel it in my bones. I just had to trust my intuition and take a little (or big) step toward it.

What is the difference between coaching and psychology?

Comparing a life coach to a psychologist is like comparing a personal trainer to an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist. The professions are different.
In Australia, a clinical psychologist is a mental health professional who has undergone training (generally, a minimum of six years plus supervision) in diagnosing and treating people who are experiencing mental illness. People who see a psychologist often feel stuck emotionally and feel like they cannot move forward until they have a diagnosis and/or or have talked through past issues and learnt to manage their distress. A psychologist uses therapy to assist their clients with understanding their past, talking through previous experiences and hurts, and attempting to understand their behaviours and feelings– as well as providing strategies that will assist them with treating or managing a diagnosis, moving toward emotional healing, and/or dealing with difficulties in a more healthy way.
Life coaches, however, are not qualified to treat mental health or emotional disorders. They tend to work with people who are motivated to move forward toward personal growth, expansion, and self-actualisation. Sessions do not focus on the past, but instead on where they are now, where they want to be, and what steps need to be taken to get from A to B.
I am a huge believer in the importance and power of both professions. Each is distinct from the other in terms of aims, methods, and focus. However in some cases, you don’t always have to choose between one or the other. For example, I have had a number of clients who see a psychologist to assist them with their depression or anxiety disorders – but see me to focus on aspects of their life where they are strongly motivated to take action and move forward.

How do you feel now? What does the new Naomi do now?

I feel so very blessed and abundant. Spending time with my family. Doing work that I’m passionate about. Living a life that feels purposeful. Helping others live their version of a healthy, happy, and purposeful life. Feeling big dreams and exciting possibilities brewing within. Oh how lucky I am.

Thank you Naomi!
You can find Naomi at:

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