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Conversation with Sarah

Sarah Tamburrini is a passionate Australian-Italian woman, a Health coach graduated at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Life Coach graduated at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and she has a Psychology degree. What did she choose to do in her life? Let’s discover more about her!

Hi Sarah, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Would you like to talk a bit about your story?

A warm hello to everyone. I’m Sarah, a bubbly, highly extroverted Australian currently living it up in Bangkok with my introverted, British partner. My big passion in life is to support women to stop feeling ‘crazy’ around food and their bodies so they can live kick arse lives which they thoroughly enjoy.
I became drawn to this type of work after years of fighting food myself and experiencing first hand how devastating it was not only for my health and well being but also within every aspect of my life (i.e. career, relationships, finances, social life etc).
The big ‘crunch’ point for me was when I was sitting in a Dr’s office in my mid-ish twenties being told that I might not be able to have children at the rate I was damaging my body. I am lucky that I gathered the courage the strength at that point to do whatever possible to start to heal my relationship with myself. I basically got to the point where I knew that I had a better chance of learning to like myself by facing my demons, than continuing on the path to destruction (because I certainly didn’t have a whole lot of love for myself even when I attained what I wanted “being thin”). Many women come to my coaching because they can see so much of their story within mine. There is so much richness in coaching someone when you deeply know what it is like for the client- when you can connect so intensely with their story. I guess that’s my special brand of magic: having an incredibly deep connection with the thoughts and feelings each of my clients come to me with. Though everyone’s story and experiences are unique, there’s a certain non spoken awareness and understanding that those who have been in such deep and dark places of self loathing, body shaming and suffering from severe guilt around food just ‘get’.

How did you feel during your daily life in your soul-searching? What inspired you to go ahead?

Deciding to stop fighting food and my body was incredibly difficult even though I knew that medically it was what was needed. There is still such a rawness to entering a ‘cave’ that you know holds a treasure for you (recover, healing and growth), because to get there you are aware you’ve got some serious shit to work through.
Even though I wanted to heal more than I wanted to remain stuck, this doesn’t make it all that easier.
I was suffering from such severe guilt, shame and this perfectionist ‘I can’t dare be seen to fail’ so much so that my self worth was tied up in how and what I ate. Food became a way to control what I wasn’t able to control with non food related coping mechanisms. If I couldn’t control my life I would control what I ate as a way of controlling myself. The hardest work was rationalizing my core beliefs about ‘’weight’ and ‘health’ and then rationalizing the validity of these beliefs. For many years I believed that your body determines your worth (i.e beauty, success, popularity etc). Unpacking what it meant to be compassionate towards the person I currently was – flaws and all was incredibly difficult. Furthermore dissecting the topic of ‘body image’ as a problem within society was difficult but a game changer. I had incredible support during the whole process which I knew was the beacon of light I needed to be able to turn back and face the dark and hard times when all I wanted to do was run to the safety of doing what I knew how to do to combat the pain (dieting).

Why did you choose to practise as a Life Coach rather than Health Coach?

I choose to study life coaching following my studies at IIN for many reasons. Namely I wanted to know a lot more about how to coach a client- I wanted a framework, the theory and the support from someone who really understood what it is truly like to be a coach. I knew that Julie Parker was exactly the trainer and the learnings I was really after.
I choose to work as a life coach rather than a health coach for a few reasons: namely it is more relatable to the real work I do. As someone who works with women who are at war with food (and their bodies), I see health being far more than ‘what you eat’ but also encapsulating spiritual, mental and emotional parts. My training to become a life coach really unlocked this idea that the true work I was really after achieving for my clients was a lot more than rebuilding their physical health through food…..and I’m so glad I have gone on the path I have because I truly feel with both the health and life coaching I have a really unique and holistic treatment approach for my clients (I also have a psychology degree too which is invaluable…as you can imagine in this line of work!).

How do you feel now? What does the new Sarah do now?

Now I feel free, nourished, whole, energized, happy, radiant, relaxed, creative, inspired, spirited. Honestly I can’t even begin to list how I feel because I could go on.
I’m not going to say that my life is now ‘perfect’ and that I too don’t have days where I have a ‘bad body day’ (which means my acceptance is on wobbly legs). I have days where I find it difficult to accept an aspect of my body or where I might start obsessing about food…but those days are certainly very very occasional and the severity of the ‘moments’ are easily managed with a few techniques.
Body acceptance is a practice and it requires patience and persistence. Like learning a new language you will “stuff up”, mix some things up, forget what you need to do and get frazzled. All of this is normal and it those people who can forgive themselves and adjust their mindset to be one of compassion not criticism who end up making radical shifts.

Thank you Sarah!
You can find Sarah at and download her eBook + free audio series.

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