Holistic Nutrition

My strong academic background, passion for natural remedies and specific expertise are combined to offer professional services in Holistic Nutrition, a nutrition which takes care of each single person in their whole body, mind and emotions. 

Holistic Nutrition includes nutrition, natural remedies and advice that leads to complete well-being, for those who are ready to boots their self-care, to find a new balance, to learn how listen to their body and its messages and to strengthen various areas of life, in order to reduce stress and live a fulfilling life that is healthy and on purpose.

Your good-size nutrition

The idea that there may be a “standard” diet for everyone is physiologically wrong. A well thoungh-out diet (from the greek “diaita” that is “lifestyle”) looks at your individual constitution and characteristics, taking account of:

♦ The constitution: Each person has his own constitution and his characteristics that influence the combination of foods.

♦ The nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fatty) are distributed in the day according to the constitution in a harmonic way, without limiting or excluding any food.

♦ Food properties: Food’s combinations are based on the personal situation and issues.

♦ Food intolerances: They may disturb the body’s balance, creating an inflammatory reaction and changing the intestinal flora with both intestinal and extra intestinal symptoms.

Do we have to pay attention to the combination of foods within the same meal? Yes, because each one of them has different characteristics and choosing ingredients with opposite qualities could have contrasting effects on the body, although the cooking method can change them.

Learn to listen to your body

Annoying bloating, heartburn, slow digestion, bowel irritation, headaches, cystitis, some dermatitis, etc .. they are any of the problems linked to an un-balanced diet. The body always tells us what it can’t digest or assimilate and it does through more or less bothersome “symptoms”, that, instead of being suppressed, should be listened to because they are showing you what’s not working. It’s ok not to initially understand what your body is telling you and it could be also confusing: my job is just to “translate” your symptoms and to teach you to do the same. What goes through the entire digestive tract is the food: translating the symptoms and understanding their cause lead us to choose the best foods and to solve the problems.

Nurture yourself holistically

No less important is our relationship with food. Every time we feed, our mood can influences the digestion and the assimilation. Psychosomatic medicine explains how the digestive tract reflects the “process of assimilation and elaboration of our emotions”. Thoughts and emotions permeate our body: emotions influence our physical state in the same way that our physical well-being is impacted by our emotions. Also our thoughts take part in this process, and that’s why it’s fundamental nurture ourselves with high quality food and positive mindset as well.

As Holistic nutritionist i consider the individuals as a whole and i support their well-being, to hep them understand the body’s messages, to feed according to the different needs and be the protagonist of our health!

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