Life Coaching

Life coaching helps people to create permanent changes in their lives, supporting them from where they are to where they want to be. It helps them to discover self-awareness and self-love, to consider other points of view and to find more clarity. Coaching helps people understand what is really important to them according to their own values, their uniqueness and their deepest goals, which results in positive and lasting change.

It’s your birthright:

♦ Be happy

♦ Create the life you want most

♦ Feel in tune with your energy, your intuition and your soul

♦ Feel fulfilled and vibrant in your daily life

♦ Waking up every morning thinking of what you are doing is what you are passionate about, and this makes you feel good and grateful

♦ Discover your potential, your beauty and your unique gifts

♦ Create a long-lasting contact with your intuition and your inner guidance

♦ Gift the world your uniqueness

..and, if the first thing that comes up to your mind after reading this is: “It’s easy for you!”, well, I can assure you that for me it was not easy at all.

♦ It was not easy to woke up every day with the feeling that I was missing “something” in my life without being “still” able to give voice to the truest part of me, to be authentic.

♦ It was not easy feeling that I had not “yet” realized something important despite years of study and because there is always something else to study or to improve.

♦ It was not easy when I felt discouraged, judged and hampered in carrying out something new, just for being a voice “outside the box”.

♦ It was not easy when I felt helpless, stuck and lacking my personal power.

It was not easy. Yet in my path I realized there are some birthrights, such as those you’ve read. And I’m sure that sometimes you felt exactly like me. 

During my path, as a person as well as an expert,  I’ve often faced these situations. My self-discovery journey, my passion for personal development and spiritual growth, and my professional experience led me to create a connection in different fields, to support people to achieve their birthrights and what they want most. 

During your life, at times you can feel that something is missing but you are not able to identify what it is. Or, maybe you are aware of what you want, but fears, blocks and self-sabotage hold you back from achieving the goal. In my work, I often see the enormous potential available to my clients that this is often untapped, somehow blocked or even unknown.

Are you listening?

The most authentic part of us – our essence – our inner guidance, constantly speaks to us: it does so through our body, our emotions and our feelings. There’s something inside us, that often whispers about what decision to make, where to go or what’s the best thing for us in that moment. Most of the time, it’s overlooked by the incessant mental chatter to which we are unconsciously subjected all day. Focusing on the present moment is the first step to lowering the volume of the mind and raising the volume of the heart.

Your soul is calling, raise its volume!

Inside us there is a voice that is waiting to express itself. It’s our uniqueness: the wisdom and the intelligent voice of the heart. When we live listening to our heart, we also perceive our purpose, intuition increases, many solutions are presented to us in spontaneous and unexpected ways, and the world is on your side. Even our physical and emotional energies are influenced positively: we are more aware, more alive, more creative and more self-compassionate.
Expressing our onlyness, we are not only giving voice to ourselves, but we can bring our unique contribution to the world, making it more authentic and a better place to live. Happiness is a result of the alignment between our inner guidance, the expression of our uniqueness and the life we choose to live each day.

Is it possible? Yes, it’s all inside you!

We need just to stop for a moment and start listening! Life is always on our side, even when it seems otherwise. It’s necessary to stop looking for something out there and start looking in the nearest place, inside us!

Are you ready to?

♦ overcome your fears and your insecurities
♦ throw away your doubts
♦ shift your limiting beliefs and self-sabotage

Are you ready to discover your true self, your uniqueness and your beauty to start realizing your dreams?

 I’m here to help you!

As a life coach I will help you to achieve what you want through a positive and trusting relationship, focused on you and on what you feel, respecting your time, your values and your uniqueness.

Life coaching, is for you if:
• you want to plant seeds in your life and let them blossom
• you want to overcome fears, obstacles and self sabotage that block your personal growth
• you want to achieve goals important in your life
• you want to recognize and develop your talents
• you want to live a meaningful life
• you want to follow your inner guidance, develop your intuition and be in touch with your essence, always in tune with your energy and your heart
• you want to nurture your spirituality

Health coaching, it’s for you if:
• you want to manage your stress
• you want to feed not only your body but your whole self
• you want to reach new goals in the field of health and wellbeing
• you want to discover a new or deeper connection with yourself, learning to listen to the messages of your body and what makes you feel good and fit
• you want your wellbeing to be based in good health but also inner harmony

How does it work?

The Coaching process has generally 1, 6 sessions or 12 sessions to achieve your goals, and we meet on Skype.

Coaching Offerings

Single session 

A single session is the ideal when you need to clarify a specific issue or there is a goal that has been pursued for a long time without any result and you would like to explore what is holding you back. It includes a complimentary consult of 45 minutes + 1 coaching session of 90 minutes + unlimited support by email for two weeks.

Your investment:  100€

3 Months Package 

This package is the ideal when you want to achieve one or more goals and start tuning with your true self and your heart. It includes a complimentary consult of 45 min + 6 coaching sessions of 60 minutes + unlimited support by email for the entire path. Will be also provided simple and practical technical tools and/or worksheets according to the different needs and goals.

Your investment:

One Upfront Payment of  390€

or 3 x Monthly Payments of 130€

6 Months Package

This package is the ideal when you want to achieve one or more goals, to discover your gifts and to live your life on purpose. It includes a complimentary consult of 45 min + 12 coaching sessions of 60 minutes + unlimited support by email for the entire path. Will be also provided simple and practical technical tools and/or worksheets according to the different needs and goals.

Your investment:

One Upfront Payment of  780€

or 6 x Monthly Payments of 130€

Book your free session!

To learn more about coaching and get a first taste of what could be working together. I offer you a 30min free session with me and it will be preceded by a short questionnaire.


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