Dott.ssa Veronica Pacella

Professional bio

Hi, my name is Veronica Pacella and my education begins

at the Scientific High School and continues at the University of Perugia, where i graduated in “Food Science and Human Nutrition” with 110 cum laude and the thesis “Bone and Fat, old question, new insights”, showing a correlation between lipotoxicity induced by unregulated visceral adipose tissue and bone. Following this, I completed a course in “Methods and Application of Biomedical Research in the field of Nutrition” at Perugia Hospital, department of Internal Medicine and Endocrine – Metabolic Science. The passion for scientific topics and the interest for chemistry, biochemistry and human physiology make my university course pleasant and challenging.

At the same time I also studied

Holistic Disciplines, attending the Italian University of Applied Naturopathy – Rudy Lanza Institute and i graduated in “Traditional Naturopathy” with the thesis “Correlation between stomach problems, food intolerances, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Iridology and interpretation of the cases treated”. I had the opportunity to study with Ian White – Australian Naturopath and creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences – the uses of Australian Bush Flowers and to attend his seminars at College of Naturopathic Medicine – CNM Italia. In 2010, I was fully certified as Nutritionist and i started to work in my clinic, incorporating scientific knowledge and holistic disciplines, such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I enriched my job and my life experience

in early 2015 with a journey to Australia, which allowed me to do further study in nutrition and learn new tools to balance the body. In Australia, by chance or destiny, I came across the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and my most recent education in coaching was a culmination of all of my life experiences so far. It’s a path where I do a lot of soul searching though a different language, a different culture, a different perspective with the constant presence of heart and authenticity. Coaching also allows me to have a daily dialogue with extraordinary colleagues. I’ve also attended the courses of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique with the president of the Eft – Australian Association, Josie Ruberto, in Melbourne.

My experience confirms that

our body does not respond to a simple set of biochemical reactions, but also to all the information, thoughts and emotions that we live and that feed us: not only through food but also through what we think, what we feel and experience in our lives every day. Our body speaks to us and tells us what is useful and what it can’t digest or absorb, and it does through the health issues we have. My job is to help you interpret your body’s messages and to support your body with foods, creating a personalized nutrition according to body constitution and lifestyle, without forget other nutrient foods such as thoughts and emotions.

The tools and techniques I use I have practiced on myself and those close to me with great results. My training is continuous: every year, in fact, I use to attend courses in nutrition, scientific topics and holistic disciplines, to work with a holistic nutrition that respects the innate wisdom of the body.

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