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Love notes from my clients


murielleMurielle Marie – Mentor, coach and writer 

“Working with Veronica has been really transformational for me. I have had a very long and difficult relationship with food my entire life. First because I really didn’t love myself or my body and as a result spent almost 25 years either starving myself or eating the wrong foods. To make things worse, I have struggled with my blood sugar my entire life, with many unhealthy episodes of hypoglycaemia as a result. When I met Veronica I had already seen so many diet and health specialists that I didn’t know what to do anymore. No one was able to help me get my blood sugar in check without forcing me to eat things I knew wouldn’t work for me. Veronica was the only one who listened. She took her time, and really heard me. I also felt understood on a deeper level, and supported, even long after our consult. She took the time to craft nutritional guidelines for me that have transformed the way I feel after a meal. And she has helped me to overcome one of the most difficult aspects of self-love for me: eating nutritious and healthy foods that heal and nourish my body. Veronica really believes that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. I’m forever grateful for her help.”


Melanie Lucia – Intuitive Coach & Tarot Reader

“Working with Veronica has created a positive shift in my mindset and given me the tools to bring more pleasure and flow into my life. Right from the first session she ‘got’ me, which gave me the freedom to fully express myself and explore my inner world with her. With Veronica’s encouragement and guidance I was able to let go of what was holding me back and so much more. With her unique connection to spirit and knowledge of flower essences, she was able to support me on every level. Thank you Veronica!”

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