My name is Veronica Pacella. I’m a passionate Holistic Nutritionist, Life and Health Coach.

My job is to take care of you and help you in doing the same:

to solve your problems with foods and nutrition, once and for all.
to guide you to achieve inner and outer well-being with life coaching, and even something more!
to bring authenticity, happiness and a new direction in your life through your intuition, if you feel you have lost your inner compass.

Do you want to give a try? Book a free session with me!

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My Manifesto




It’s born Unique Magazine, a new on-line magazine for women’s well-being!

For some time I was thinking to create a place of information and exchange on women well-being.

Now this idea has come to reality with the magazine “Unique“. I believe everyone is unique and has unique qualities to cultivate, express and give to the world. Therefore, I asked to unique colleagues to contribute their work to this project, and each of them has cultivated and developed their quality. I’ve always been fascinated by how much research – sometimes endlessly research – people conduct to place themselves and their skills to others’ disposal, as women and as practitioners. The aim of the Magazine is to offer a space where women can flourish and deepen their self-knowledge. To be inspired in cultivating their uniqueness. The project has an Italian base, but it opens to an international vision, with topics related to physical and spiritual world and their connections. You can subscribe for free to receive Unique Magazine here, for further questions, requests or if you want to investigate some issues, please contact us, we are happy to hear from you!