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Why I entrolled in The School of the Modern Mystic (and how I’ve created a link between Science and Spirituality)

After my graduation at University, I studied Holistic Medicine and I did lots of refresher courses around nutrition and naturopathy. But I felt I was missing something, something I could sense in my daily work but that I didn’t yet know well. Something able to connect the issue with a bigger picture which was including personal and spiritual growth.

A push to include the spiritual aspect in my work has grown in time until I could not ignore it anymore. The word “spirituality” sometimes scares people or it looks a bit “woo-woo”. To me, having a spiritual vision of your life means knowing that there’s a bigger picture, where everyone lives his life purpose in happiness. Gaining a spiritual practice means tuning on your soul and living from a place of love and joy rather than discomfort, fear and conflict.

I had to surrender that refresher courses were not enough for me

Yes, I perfectly knew that body, mind and emotions were all related each other. But I had lots of questions in my mind, such as: why a gastritis emerges in that moment? why a sore throat shows up in summer? why a vaginitis happens with a new partner, when you’ve never had it before? During my stay in Australia I understood that the next step (and a new challenge as well) would be open up to an overall view and create a link between science and spirituality, a practical spirituality to put into practice in my (and my clients) daily life. I heard of Belinda Davidson and her “Change your energy, change your life”. In her freebies, there was a practical text about Chakras, from her course The School of the Modern Mystic. Logically, I thought it was something I had already studied, but my intuition gave me a clear message “Let’s do it!”. 

I trusted my intuition and last year this time I enrolled in The School of the Modern Mystic. I have spent 8 intensive months during which I’ve explored Chakra’s potential, but also Mindfulness and the so called White Light, a light that Belinda teaches to channel during each meditation. I practiced in my daily life her teachings and I’ll share them soon with live videos for my Italian tribe.

Why I enrolled in The School of the Modern Mystic and what I’ve learned:

#1: Belinda speaks and teaches from her experience

Maybe because I’ve felt an instant empathy with her, maybe because I saw her videos where she speaks about her childhood with a trembling voice, but I can say I love Belinda. Unlike Italy, where Energetic Medicine’s teachings are always referred to some Master X, Belinda starts from her experience. It’s ok teaching what Masters had taught, it’s ok talking about what Masters said, but in time it become too much self-referential. I would like to study and to be inspired by someone who had the courage to get naked and to talk raw about vulnerability and fears during the personal path. 

#2 Chakra: theory and (lots of) practice

Chakras are energy vortex positioned in different parts of the body; there are 7 main Chakras and everyone has different characteristics related to the body, emotions and life areas such as relationship, finances, love, career and creativity. When your Chakras are balanced, you live a fulfilling and healthy life, without struggling to get what you want and deserve. I studied each Chakra in depth and I learned lots of practical tool, which allowed me to clear and heal what was (and is, because we are all in the making) blocked or not spinning smooth. I had no time to intellectualize the teachings or to decide if believing it or not, I had to put them in practice and look at the shift in my daily life. 

#3 Not only Chakras, but Mindfulness and Life Purpose too

school of modern mystic - veronica pacellaIn her experience Belinda realizes Chakras are not enough and she integrates them beautifully with Mindfulness, a form of meditation that is becoming well known in Italy too. She highlights the importance of living in the now, practicing presence and awareness every moment of your daily life, training yourself day by day to feel your body and to witness your thoughts and emotions. It’s essential knowing Chakra 8 too, which allows you to explore your life purpose. A full work on Chakra 8 it’s available in the second level of the school.

Thanks to this experience, I’ve become fully aware of the importance that Chakras have in my life as a person, and in my job as a Nutritionist and Life Coach as well. Being aware is the first step to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life, changing what you are struggling for. And the next step? As Belinda would say: “Rock your Chakras!” 

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