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Why is it important to nurture your spirituality?

Many times I’ve talked about spirituality.

When I decided to attend a school of meditation, the reaction of the people around me it was of a strong skepticism, as if to say that leaving the Catholic sect path who knows what would have ended. I went ahead following what I felt. Start a spiritual practice that require a certain commitment and include daily meditations it was not easy. Meet ahead of themselves and even become aware about armor which take us away from our true essence. So I started my path of awareness, something I’ve always yearned because I knew there was something “beyond “it. Since that time seven years have passed and I have not ever regretted about it. The path of self-discovering it is lifelong and the tools you employ can change from time to time, they changed on the base on what we learn it is useful or needs to be solved. It is not a linear path and it is often characterized by up and down, moment of enthusiasm and moment of strong resistance.

A daily spiritual practice has allowed me to understand its importance in my work. All our disorders involve not only the physical but also the emotional, mental and spiritual part. Those parts are distinct but also complementary between each others. All those aspects contribute to the healing process, both you get a cold or a more serious disorder.

How to do it?

Illness never manifests itself only physically, but it is often go along with an emotion or a recurring thought. The disease will firstly start at a “light” level and secondly, if it is not resolved, it will also manifest itself physically. There is nothing that “fall on our head” suddenly, everything it is part of a dynamic process that involves other aspects of ourselves. Perform a form of spirituality, whether it is a meditation, a prayer, a mantra intonation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong or other form, it keeps alive the connection with our spirit, that gives us love, a sense of peace and inner calm. We reload our organism of new vital energy and positive feelings experiencing a growing security and harmony with ourselves.

Feeling part of something bigger and have a contact with the divine appearance allows us to bring more harmony in our live, it make us remain centered on ourselves while beyond us there is a crazy chaos. It allows us to keep ourselves impervious to the negative influences that come from the outside with news reports and crisis. It allows us do not be scared because fear directs the 80% of our actions and of our reactions. Have faith and trust in something which takes care of us and which guides us put away our fear, if we avoid this it would affect us at all levels, by making us feel insecure and vulnerable and weakening thus our organism.

Scientific studies have shown that meditation helps us to live more positive, it speeds up our recovery processes, it reinforce our immune system and it reduces the manifestation of stress-related disorders.

You can start in this way:

 ♦ Meditation
A simple Meditation practice you can experience is: sit quietly and focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling. Be careful DO not to fall into the mental chatter and you will notice how even just 5 minutes of meditation a day will make a difference in your life.

 Spend more time in contact with Nature
The contact with nature promotes relaxation and inner calm. In addition, nature is always a source of inspiration, do not rule out you can think about of any good idea or new solutions to solve a problem!

♦ Read books that inspire you
In recent years the bookstores shelves are filled with a lot of books about spirituality. Choose the one which hits you right away and do not think too much about your choice, many times it is the intuition to guide us towards the right path to follow. Do not be afraid to explore other religions or schools of thought, by observing if what you read it is familiar to you or not. All religions have as main theme love, so there is no need to be extremist or rigid on some positions, just remind love connect and it does not divide!

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