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The “hubbers” and the Italy I (still) don’t know

On Saturday, February 6 I attended the official launch of the Impact Hub membership of Turin. See the smiling faces of Laura, Edoardo, Marilu, Davide and others it made me think about the #AuthenticallyYouTour ended in December. Many people asked me from where it was born the idea and, thinking over, it all began one year ago exactly. A year ago, 2015 February 9, I was in Australia. This experience has allowed me to compare myself and to realize how many differences but also how many similarities, there are between us and the Australians.

The differences are a young, dynamic and open minded society in which the bureaucracy is streamlined and work is easy. The similarities are we all live the same weaknesses, moments of insecurity, doubt and fear of not succeeding.

Thanks to my education and my interests, I immediately realized here in Italy we have a completely different “mindset” than Australia (I mean the field of information in which we are immersed and we live, consciously or not).

“We have to do something”, I wrote to a 15600 km far away Hubber friend of Rome, “Young people need to know they absorb negative conditioning from society. How many times have we experienced the frustration of not being able to have our say about an argument (for not having filled our resume, for not doing enough work experience, for not having the right age, for being not suitable in that field, or for many others reasons), “I know” I replied, “it is a frustration I have personally experienced.”

A light went on my head, but I forgot it until last summer, when I started to follow as a Life Coach some young people and I found myself in front of the same scenario. People who did not feel up to realize their dreams because “they did not have the master to …”, or “ten-year experience in…” or “legitimacy to do what from …” Those limitations made me upset.

What shall you have done? I decided to throw down the track of a seminar and get to know the coworkers!

Where did I start? I started from a different audience, where key words were ”contamination“ and ”social business“. So I thought to the ImpactHub networks and to the locations which have given me availability to plan a meeting. Unexpectedly from a meeting it has become a tour: 7 talks from Turin to Milan, via Trento, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Bari and finish in the beautiful setting of Ortigia in Syracuse.

It was just in Turin where I began to know passionate, talented, interesting guys. My talk went on for over an hour. Step by step, I knew a place, the Impact Hub, where people meet each other, interact each other, influence each other, exchange tips, ideas and solutions. I saw their places, I spoke with founders and I saw in their eyes the light of who behave with passion because he/she believes in what he/she’s doing. He/she believes in a better country, he/she is putting him/her to achieve it and he/she is making a difference. I saw an Italy we don’t hear about, I met young people who nobody tell us, people who have told me many extraordinary stories, too many, stories I can’t tell you now, but I’d like to introduce you one by one. I listened point of view, ways of thinking, different behaviors from North to South which have in common the passion to do something important, something that bring you to wake up with a beautiful purpose every morning.

I will keep of them the friendly way they welcomed me, a home atmosphere, smiles and laughters. The Impact Hub has not only the role of supporting start-ups, coworkers and new forms of enterprise, but above all, in my opinion, the merit of being the aggregation points. I found the atmosphere in Impact Hub beautiful, friendly (they all have a kitchen and some of them garden as a common space), stimulating, playful, exchanging and supporting. The point is just this one:

The added value in a society not yet able to focus on young people, it is the mutual support.

In a context in which we often hear talking about crisis, about missed opportunities and about young people fleeing from Italy, the support among us is vital. Changing things it is possible but only when the change starts from ourselves, we consciously choose to reject external influences and to open ourselves to each other instead of watching him as a competitor or as someone who has nothing to deal with us. Diversity always enriches.

In Sicily, to the question “who are you in your Impact Hub?” Mirko replied me:

“We are professionals, entrepreneurs and dreamers”.

And we young people when have we stopped to dream in Italy?

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